Well known Japanese rock band ONE OK ROCK invited their fans to an open call for music video submissions for their brand-new single “Broken Heart of Gold”. As a fan of ON OK ROCK for over a decade, i always want to make a music video for one of their song, So i took this chance and  decided to participate in this contest. The most challenging part about this contest to me is the timeline. Participants must create a full length 4 minutes 13 seconds long music video within one month. I worked on this music video in my spare time and weekend for one whole month, Despite the result is not as good as i want, but it still consider a milestone for myself.
Concept & Design
When I first listened to the song. It gave me a very strong feeling of loneliness and emptiness. Therefore, I decided to build up the story base on this mood. To emphasize these feeling, I choose astronaut as my main character. As we know astronaut is one of the most lonely person in the world, they always away from home for mission. Living in space station etc. And in this music video, the astronaut got stuck on the moon, he lost all the connections to the earth, although he still can survive, but days after days, the emptiness and loneliness keep consuming his heart and soul. At the end, his heart broken. But he has set himself free and reach beyond life. The whole story is to reflect how people going through heart broken moment. No matter how hard it is, or even the heart is broke or dead, but life will still goes on. 
Final Frames
Video start with showcasing a lifeless moon. An astronaut who got stuck here and he is the one and only human being living here. Everyday he try to contact the earth, but yet, he did not get any response. Until one day, he got an unknown signal from somewhere of the moon, he searched for it, but what he found is nothing but his own heart, which mean all of these is just pure imagination from his inner mind, his heart start to collapse, so as the place. He keep falling and falling until he realize he is actually flying away from the moon. His heart finally fully broke, Although his life is coming to an end, but he feel relief now. Surreal plant blooming out from his body, meaning that his life turning into a different life form and goes on. 
Project Breakdown
Tools used: Cinema4D, X-particles, Redshift Render, Adobe After Effects, Quixel, Substance
Buggy model from Turbosquid,, optimize and retexture in Redshift

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