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Synopsis / 概要
"THE LAST TENDERNESS'' is a hand drawn animation music video based on a song called "Tenderness" perform by Mayday. This also will be my first experimental hand drawn animation project. The main purpose of this project is to force myself step out from the comfort zone and try out a new art form which I never try before. Hand drawn animation is one of the thing that I always wanted but also scared to get hand-on. Because I'm not good at drawing and worry that I will screw it up. But passion made possible, I believe with enough practice. I will able to turn this weakness into my ability.
"最后的温柔" 是一个以五月天的歌曲 “温柔-还你自由版”為出發點的手繪動畫MV,也是我第一次嘗試手繪動畫的個人作品。這作品的主要目的是為了逼我自己踏出舒適區和嘗試一些我從未嘗試過的創作類型。因为我在繪畫方面不太拿手,所以手繪動畫一直以來都是我很想嘗試卻又避而遠之的類型以避免把一个作品糟蹋了。但所謂:“勤能補拙”,相信以足夠的練習 我可以把這個弱點跨越。
Concept & idea / 概念
The concept of this music video is about "Point of View". this is an angle of considering things, which shows us the opinion or feelings of the individuals involved in a  situation. And recently, I have read the ''Five Stages of Grief'' philosophy written by Elizabeth Kübler-Ross. These five stages is:
Denial - Anger - Depression - Bargaining - Acceptance.
Although grief can be a very subjective thing, it can apply on different thing and not everyone will experience all five stages, or go through them in the same order. But eventually all will lead to the end. And then when i listening to the song. Instantly, the idea of fusion this philosophy with the song lyrics came into my mind, i think it might be a good combination of telling a different and deeper story.
這個MV的概念是“觀點”, 它意味著人們思考時所考量的角度, 它也向我們顯示了涉及某個情況的個人觀點或感受。而在最近,我略讀了由Elizabeth Kübler-Ross所寫的“ 死亡五部曲”。這五部曲所概述的是:否認 - 悲憤 - 憂鬱 - 哀求 - 接受。雖然死亡對於我們來說是主觀的,它也可以用來形容不同的事與物,並且不是每個人都會經歷這五部曲的全部,而次序更是因人而異。但最終一切都會相同的走向盡頭/死亡。 當我聽到這首歌時,腦海就想到以“死亡五部曲”和歌詞混合的方式來描述一個不一樣和更深層的故事。
- Five stages of grief -
Concept frames / 概念畫
Stage 1 : DENIAL
Stage 3 : ANGER
Final Stage : TO BE CONTINUE
The art style I decided to go with is the ''Anime" style, because I think the anime style is a very good medium of mixing realistic and unrealistic objects, it easily separated from reality by a crucial gap of fiction that provides an ideal path for escapism that audiences can immerse themselves into this virtual world with relative ease. So it fit very well to the "point of view" concept. When come to colors scheme. Because i want to make the whole music video's looks clean and moody, so i will use lesser colors to make all the scenes can remain the same looks and feels through out the whole music video. Clean & overexposure background will be use to create a soft, dreamlike and comfortable environment. And then, grey and black color will use as main character's colors, and red color for all the secondary elements. Combine all these, to express the idea of crossing over between tenderness and cruelness. And no matter in what kind of scenario, all colors will still able to stand out from each others. 
我會決定以“動漫” 風格來呈現這個MV,是因為我覺得動漫風格是一個很適合用於混合真實與非真實物體的媒介。並且能以微妙的反差感使其輕易的把虛構和現實分離,為逃避現實提供了理想的途徑,使觀眾可以相對輕鬆地沉浸其中,所以我覺得它非常適合用於表達 “觀點”這個概念。在顏色配搭方面,因為我想讓這個MV呈現出乾淨且多愁善感的感覺。所以我會使用少量的顏色以讓全部場景都能夠保持一致的視覺和感覺。我用乾淨和過度曝光的背景來營造一個柔和,夢幻以及溫暖的環境來代表溫柔,然後用于角色的灰色与黑色以及用於輔助元素的紅色來代表殘忍, 以此來表達出溫柔和殘忍相互交叉的視覺效果. 而且無論在任何場景,各個顏色都能各自從中突出。
Overview  /  概觀
Colors Scheme  /  配色方案
LOGO Design / 標誌設計
In Chinese, there is a quote said “when you are gentle to the other; relatively, you are actually cruel to yourself". To emphasize this quote, I decided to laying different kind of blood splashes on top of chinese calligraphy to form the logo text, because bloods can always remind people about pain, cruel and roughness. Combine with the bold and flowy form of the chinese calligraphy, This can literally express "gentleness is equal to cruelty". However, gentle or cruel, is all depend on your point of view.
俗語說:“對他人的溫柔就是對自己殘忍” 。為了強調這一點,我決定把不同的血跡覆蓋在書法字體的“溫柔”兩个字上,以讓其看起來就像是以血代墨寫出來的書法字體。因為血總能令人聯想起痛楚,殘忍,​​粗暴。再結合上中文書法豪邁且飄逸的形體。這可以很直接的表達出:“溫柔即殘忍;殘忍即溫柔” 。然而是殘忍還是溫柔,一切都取決與你自己的觀點
Logo Design  /  標誌設計
Merchandise Design / 周邊產品設計​​​​​​​
Poster Design  /  海報設計
CD Cover & Label Design  /  CD封面 & 標籤設計
Art Book / 畫集
Phone Wallpaper / 手機壁紙
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